Under the Consumer Protection Act, the Buyer is entitled, without stating any reasons, to unilaterally terminate the contract concluded away from the trader’s business premises or remotely within 14 days and return the product(s). The 14-day period starts from the date when the Buyer, or a third party designated by the Buyer, and who is not the carrier / deliverer, has received the goods subject to the contract. The Buyer shall bear the costs of the return entirely.

The Buyer is obliged to notify the Seller within a period of 14 days on the decision to terminate the contract, and this may be done by sending an e-mail of its intention to [email protected], or in writing to the product return address. To return the product, it is necessary to fill out the Return Form and send it to e-mail [email protected] or to the product return address. You can download the Return Form here.

The product is returned to the following address: 

InterEx Delivery & Logistics d.o.o.


Josipa Kozarca 26

10410 Velika Gorica, Hrvatska

The Seller is not responsible for any problems with the delivery service that the Buyer used for the return, so the Seller advises the Buyer to request the tracking number. This way, the Buyer can be sure that the product has been delivered to the Seller.

Also, the Seller is not responsible if the Buyer returns the product to the wrong address.

The product that has been returned must be undamaged and have all its original labels, stickers, packaging, and if applicable, the original documentation and accessories that came with the product. In case the product is damaged, the Seller has the right to refuse the refund.

After the Seller confirms that the returned product meets all the conditions for return, the Seller will make a refund in full.

The Seller commits to make refund in full amount as soon as possible, and always within 14 days from the date when the Buyer notifies the Seller of its decision for unilateral termination of the contract.  

1.2. Return of products with manufacturing defects

The Buyer has to notify the Seller of any possible product defects within one-month time. The one-month period starts from the day the product is delivered to the Buyer. If the Buyer does not inform the Seller of the product defect within the specified time, the Buyer loses the right to a refund. 

The Seller is liable for any material defects in the products sold at in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Croatia, and in particular the Mandatory Act relations.  

PARALLAX GLOBAL bears costs of returns for products with manufacturing defects.

In order to receive a refund, the Buyer must contact the Seller within the specified time at [email protected], or in writing to the product return address, stating that product is being returned with the attached photograph and a detailed description of the deficiencies noted. 

After the Seller receives the Buyer’s notice of return of the defective product, the Seller will notify the Buyer as soon as possible about whether the product should be returned or not. In case the complaint is justified and product return approved, the Seller will inform the Buyer about it.

The product is returned to the following address: 

InterEx Delivery & Logistics d.o.o.


Josipa Kozarca 26

10410 Velika Gorica, Hrvatska

After the Seller receives the returned product and confirms possible product defects, the Seller will give the Buyer the opportunity to replace the product for the identical one if it is possible. In the event that replacement with the identical product is not possible, the Buyer is entitled to terminate the contract (i.e. get a refund) or choose another product to be delivered.  

Delivery of the identical or other product that the Buyer chooses will be made through the delivery service as soon as possible from the date the Seller has confirmed the replacement of the defective product or delivery of a new model.

Regardless of the option the Buyer chooses, whether it is the replacement, delivery of the new product, or termination of the contract, the Buyer will not incur any additional costs. If the Buyer decides to terminate the contract, Seller will fully reimburse the corresponding amount of the order and all the costs (except customs if applicable) that the customer has incurred, including delivery costs.

The Seller is responsible for the costs of delivery for return of the product only up to the amount of delivery costs of the purchased product. The Seller is obligated to return the amount paid as soon as possible and always within 14 days of the day the return was approved by the Seller.


If the Buyer wishes to replace the Product, he / she may use the right to return the product as stated in the article 1.1. of these Terms and then purchase a new product.


In the event that for some reason the Buyer is not satisfied with the purchase or service at, the Buyer may file a written complaint by e-mail at [email protected] or by post to Parallax Global, P.O. Box 1045, 11602 Port Louis, MU.

For a quicker identification of a specific order to which the Buyer has an objection, the complainant should include the order number, account number or username.

To all written customer complaints, the Seller is obliged to respond within 15 days of the complaint receipt.